Ever wondered what happens to old musical instruments when they get a bit old and lose their shine? Perhaps they need a few repairs or are missing bits. Maybe the damage is more severe. The sad truth is that they often end up stuffed in the back of some cupboard, under the bed, or in some other dark, damp place just rotting and corroding away. They can be put to better use!

I have been looking for musical instruments in any condition that could be recycled for school use. Condition not important because it is often possible to get one good instrument out of two or more damaged ones. Even the worst instruments can still be used as spare parts.

They say that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, so if you have some unloved musical equipment please consider passing it on to a better home. There may be someone doing this sort of work near you or if you happen to be in Sydney, Australia then I would love to hear from you.